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This beautiful chippy paint journal was created to give that rustic aged door like you find on an old charming farm house that once shined in all its glory back in its day, now aged, weathered and distressed warming your hearts of years gone by.

A vintage postcard from a loved one from miles away that had them dreaming for one day to travel via railway to the other side of the world...well what felt like the other side of the world as it was so far form where they dwell, that lies on the floor under an old broken dresser lost and forgotten. Painted pages of stitching, and coffee that spilt upon the pages that are dyed to aged perfection, vintage fabric remnants that was salvaged from a bed as they dare not to throw anything away sits in a heap on the decayed wooden floor, money didnt come easy to them, so they made use of what they had. The warm summer breeze flows through the broken window gently blowing the dirty ripped linen fabric with vintage nightie lace trim looks like its never been washed surounds the opening, swaying noise of vintage wallpaper that has peeled from the walls hanging down hitting agaist the wall, the back door bangs agaist the frame held together with what looks like rusted fencing wire with each gentle gust.     


Vintage Farm House Aqua Door awaits you. 


Light weight wooden journal covers

View inside this journal on Adeline Country Cottage's youtube channel. 

Vintage Farm House Aqua1

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