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We only use 100% muslin cotton for our ribbons, that have been naturally dyed with natural organic plants.


All our dyes have been carefully extracted form organic plants to create our beautiful colours, our ribbons are all hand dyed and are not done commercially or in mass production.


Our packaging is all made from recycled cardboard toilet rolls and vintage wallpaper, so if your a lucky person to have purchased or gifted our products we hope you recycle our pretty spools in your craft room or use them in your own art work. 



D: 5 cm

H: 5 cm


90 cm

Red Wine ( dark )

SKU: RWD-001
  • Our natural organic dyed ribbons/fabrics have been tested and are subject to change or fade exposed to direct sunlight and washed in water.


    Our natural organic dyed ribbon/fabrics batches change slightly from each dying batch made, as plants have different seasonal growth and flowering.


    We will do our best to keep the colours in stock, however some colours will be seasonal. 


    This is a ready to use craft product.  


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