Pocket full of sunshine is jam packed with love ready for your next project weather that being for journal making, mix media artists, tag and card creators.


Me I just call it my pocket full of fun.


The thought process for this pocket was so It can be hung from the wall, its been filled with light weight emphemra, papers, ribbons, washi, with many more yummy vintage and new items including one of my new blank vintage wallpaper journals which wont be released until the end of July and it also has two of my Jeanne d'Ar tags that usually are inside my journal 

The pocket is made from vintage cloth and lace, long half pocket at the front, a lace pocket in the middle then the deep pocket at the back, hanging it on the wall makes it the perfect place for when your inspired to create your next design you just simply pop all those bits 'n' pieces in there as you find them, so when your getting ready to create that design everything is right there where you need it, Wallah!! Hello Perfect Pocket.


Or you can do what Tiffy Butter (youtuber) did, she cut it down from the back part and added the whole pocket to her journal.



please note:

Not everything is shown in the images, the envelops have ephemera in one and fabrics in another, the blue french lable has pockets tucks with more ephemera. 


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