Boho Beach Cottage "Gold Coast Beach Cottage"

This beautiful OOAK Gold Coast Beach Cottage Beach Cottage junk journal is handmade to be inserted straight into your Midori Travelers Notobook, Your Traveling boho inspiration journal if you will, with it's beautiful imagery, vintage and modern pages, fabric cover, trims, pockets, tuck spots, charms (shells is over 50 years old they came from a necklace my mother had given me), boho fabric tabs, watercolour paint swatches to create those juices flowing to inspire you on your next beach holiday. 


Bells Beach JJ is all hand stitched and sewn to perfections.


Maybe you just have a love for all things boho beauitful and just want to use it as a keepsake journal adding in your holiday pic's, the middle page in a round beach selfie page for you to use as a backdrop of your pretty beach finds.


This journal also comes with ($58) or without ($48) aBeach Wrap shown in photo, can be used as a wrap skirt, bandeau, summer scarf or bandana. Please contact if you want it without as price is set to buy with.  Please contact is you would like it without as price is set to buy with.


- 100% Handmade and Orginal

- Recycled Materials

- Vintage Fabric's, Lace, Paperier

- Organic Hand Dyed Fabric used (tie and tabs)

- New Paperier

- Cover made from Fabric

- Sewing details

- Hand stitched together

- Measures 11cm x 21cm

- 60 pages including small add in's 


Please note: pop into Adeline Country Cottage Youtube channel to see a flip through of the journal.

Gold Coast Beach Cottage