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Frida's Candles are made in recycled tomato cans with its beautiful vibrant colourful Annalisa label (yes Italian by name) but sets the perfect vibe for a colourful Mexican table, once candle is finish the gift just keeps giving you can use it for a cute vase for flowers or fill with soil to grow your own cute cactus while still adding to Mexican Style.

The scent of this candle is Spring Floral with dried delphinium on top. 

Frida's Candles "Spring Floral"(yellow)

    • Cut wick to size before burning, place scissors flat on top of  can and cut straight across.
    • This is not a product for children
    • Keep away form children 
    • Top inside rim is shape
    • Please use long matches to light the candle (only) to avoid cuts
    • Burn time 20hrs 
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