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This Christmas Journal cover was inspired by the original Victorian christmas cotton batting ornaments back in the 1880-1890's in Germany.

Cotton is sewn onto cardboard backing and decorated with silver tinsel. In the middle is a detailed face molded with air clay (but back in those times they made it from paper mache to create the mask, they also use dresden trim that surounds the face) but here is used with tinsel, with a little cute worn season greetings sign, finishing off with a vintage flower dotted with german silver glitter that will patina over time. Such a beautiful reminder of christmas's gone by.


Please note: 


These are custom journals the front covers are made like you see here, however the internal pages have not yet been created, I would like you the customer to work with me to create the beauiful signature inside, to your custom colour pallete, with some advise for your truely. 

copy of Victorian Christmas Journal

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