Get ready to decorate your journal with these summer ribbon trims,  

67 Summer botanical will have you creating that fun laid back beach fibe layout. (New)

67 Latte Ice Cream melts you away under the hot sun (hand dyed)

and lets not forget to smell the

67 Forget-me-not blue (vintage)


All ribbons and packaging are handmade.

All packaging is hand stamped and design to be re used in your art work.

Fabric ribbons are made up with 1 x New, 1x Dyed (organic or manufactured) and 1x Vintage




Belly bands

Small page tabs

Sewn down the sides of journal pages

Tie offs keeping journals closed

Front cover or page sewing art collages 





Tuck spots

Belly bands

Can be sewn (use heavy fabric sewing needle)

Post Card


please note: 

- The number at the front of each name of the product is the length of the ribbon in cm, the width of ribbon is around 2cm, weight of product as a whole is16g

- Colour may vary

- This is a craft product only, keep away from young children.


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67 Summer Botanical Ribbon

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